My Story 

As told by Founder/Art Director Paul Everest

As a child, motocross was my obsession. I remember my Dad taking me to watch my first indoor race. I could hear the pyrotechnics, smell the burning petrol and see the laser show emanating from within the noisy stadium. Chills were going up my spine. But as my Dad walked back towards me from the ticket booth I noticed his head was down as he trudged along. I'll never forget his words, - 'sorry we can't afford to buy tickets' I was completely shattered and in tears as we drove back out of the packed car park.

I think that day affected my Dad too - A year later he bought me a brand new glistening Yamaha 80. I could not believe it was real!

Art was my second passion. I was always captivated by the pro's bikes and clothing, I would draw ideas all over my homework.

One day whilst deciding which new Fox Brand t-shirt to buy - I thought to myself...

'If I fuse my love of motocross and art I think I can make a better brand than Fox' 

I set about creating a logo and deciding on a name. With my savings of $600 I created Unit t-shirt designs. My parents loaned the use of their garage. After a few months I noticed Unit sales grew from 1 tee a week to 8 tees per day. That's when I realised I had created something with huge potential.

I created the Unit Logo in Design College 2001. I got a B- for it. 

2002 Invested $600 into a website and first 5 designs
2003 Told my boss at my day job - 'Sorry, I Quit'
2007 Australian Surf Business Magazine Survey ranks Unit 3rd most popular brand in retail - 1st Billabong, 2nd Quicksilver.
2008 Unit shipping out 400+ items per day ($1.5M per month)
2009 Wins Gold Coast Entrepreneur of the Year
2010 Listed in BRW Magazines Young Rich List
2011 Wins the Australian Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (N)
2012 Opens California office
2013 Unit is ridiculously over-saturated in Australia just as the country's worst recession since 1930 hits hard. Whilst Unit is expanding rapidly into USA and Europe sales drop by 40% in just 1 year back home.
2014 I walk away completely to start my next chapter! 

and that next chapter is:



Immersion Pod

Mirrored Design Studio – 3 metres x 5 metres: “I noticed that my mind was most creative on an airplane or in a planetarium. To harness this isolated, extra-dimensional type of environment on a daily basis. I covered every surface of my studio in mirrors – the floor, the ceiling, the walls – everything. There is no horizon, just the infinite streaming away in every direction. I designed and built an ‘immersion pod’ that sits in the centre – a reclining chair with aluminium scaffolding holding a screen above, surround sound speakers and oxygen tank. The room becomes mostly oxygen after a few hours. This helps with brain computational power and the creative process.”


 2010 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year 

2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (N)

 2009 Gold - Best Print - World Screen Printing Awards California

 2015 Brisbane Art Directors Awards, Bronze - Best Poster Artwork