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In life you come across just a handful of people who leave that absolute “WOW” factor, a feeling of great purpose. Whether it’s their unique creativity, never fail attitude or just being the genuine real thing. This is what Paul Everest is to me. I have been blessed to work with Paul back in the days before his great successes, and enjoyed watching how Paul follows his dreams and leaves a positive affect on those around him. Having being involved with some of the best advertising companies over the past 20 years I truly rate Paul as the top in his field. The absolute mind blowing angles that he produces to achieve a memorable impact to any audience is a true gift. Paul is easy and enjoyable to work with. A creative genius and most importantly a good bloke!!!!

Ben Ryan ADV

He's Different

Ben Foster Red Bull

Paul is the people's champion. A stand up character and a rare individual.

Steve McCann X Games Gold Medalist